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The longest transaction ever…

Don’t worry though, this story has a happy ending.

On Feb 17th this fab little hat was sold to the lovely Ms. Moon:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.10.50 PM

She asked that I wait for further instruction and she’d let me know how/when/where to ship it. She lives in the UK but her partner is a pilot and was going to be in NYC in the next month or so. So I waited, and we communicated… and I sent the hat. And then the hotel promptly screwed up the whole transaction by claiming they’d not gotten it.

There were a few days where I was really worried that the hat was lost and not only would my buyer never get her amazing hat but I’d certainly have to refund her money –  I would never let a buyer get the short end of the stick.

However, Ms Moon convinced the hotel to find the hat and send it right back to me. Good for her. Now I just had to ship it AGAIN.  Maybe to the UK? Bleh.

Then… silly me…I realized that I was going to be in the UK shortly. So the hat flew over with me.   On a rainy April afternoon I took a quick trip to Ryman, boxed the precious cargo, and then I walked it down to the Reading UK post office.  The Royal Mail delivered it without a hitch – nearly two months after she’d bought it.

All’s well that ends well.


So, now the big question is, can I call that airline ticket a business expense? It is a shipping cost, right?