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Fab finds for… I can’t think of anything else that starts with F now.

Sorry for the somewhat lame title – that is just the way some days go for me :)  But what DID go well was this past weekends Estate Sale.

Early last week I was contacted by another vintage gal who was super bummed because there were amazing shoes and dresses she was pretty sure she wanted for her shop at this sale – and she could not go early.  She wanted to know if I’d be her picker for the day – at least ’til she showed up.  We all gotta stick together in this vintage world, kids.   So, yeah, of course I’d go!  All I had to do then, since I was going to the sale as her, was find someone to be ME for the day.  Lucky for me one of my darling pals obliged and we were all set.

We arrived two hours early and were STILL not the first in line.  You guys, this job takes a certain crazy type of person. Anyway, the sale was fun, finds were found, my vintage friend got lots of really great stuff and as it happens, I did too.  I am supposed to be on a self imposed buying lockdown.  It is not going well ;)

Let me share a small sampling of the finds here.

I bought a box of gloves. There were over 10 pair in the box and we glanced through them.  I liked what I saw from the quick peek, the ones below really caught my eye,  and this was a deal. So I bought them all.

DSC_0630 DSC_0633

Lo and behold, there are some nice ones in there… really nice… yeah, read that label.

I also bought a lot of 21+ hats plus a few hat boxes and a cute suitcase.  I really did not look at these at all until two days after the sale. I browsed at 3 or 4 of the hats while I was there, and again, I had a good vibe about them based on those so I bought them all.  WOW. Cute cute cute!  Here are a few…DSC_0635 DSC_0637 DSC_0638 DSC_0645

The last hat might be my favorite.  National Honor Society bucket hat from the 40s!  So. Awesome.


I love this skirt.  I am keeping it.  Maybe.  It is a wonder I sell anything, right? I could wear it with the NHS hat! Swoon.


And here is a photo of the woman who owned all of these items, Ms. Marelli.DSC_0643So let’s all thank her for being so darn stylish.

There are more great finds from this estate that will come to the etsy shop and my market booth soon.  I’ll keep you posted!


So? Who is she? Pop quiz answer!

Once again our first responder was correct!  Yes, Maggie, the 80s blonde in the shiny dress was none other than our darling Dita. Or, as Marc pointed out, Heather Sweet. Extra credit points to Marc for that!


Yeah, Dita and I hang out in London together all the time.

So, I am thinking that for next week’s pop quiz, I might have a little prize for a correct answer. I ran next weeks photo by a few folks and no one knew who she was. Would that be something people would like?  Do enough of you actually comment on blogs or do you just like to lurk? (Not sure why I asked that since the lurkers won’t answer anyway.)

I’ll think on this – try and find a fun giveaway and I will come up with the best way to run the quiz. I am open to suggestions for choosing a winner.  Until then I’ll be in my dining room taking photos of stuff. It looks crazy in there, people! But I am getting some nice shots of the new inventory. I swear to Dita there will be an Etsy update this week.

DSC_0629 DSC_0666 DSC_0697 DSC_0713

Pop Quiz #2

Monday again?  Well, kids, that can only mean one thing.   It is time for another pop quiz!

Stop whining and get out those pencils.  Today we have another photo quiz.  Take a peek, guess the person.

Try not to scroll down to the comments before you make your guess…

(I wish I had a way to hide comments until a few people guessed and then I could do a big reveal.   Is there a way to do that?  Ideas anyone?)




Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 2.05.11 PM















Share your answers below in the comments and no peeking over at someone else’s paper!

And while you kids are taking your test, I’ll be sorting through and photographing the bazillion hats, scarves and crazy amounts of gloves that I discovered at this past weekends estate sale. Fun!