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Wow, busy busy busy!

So Readers, there is so much to share and I will get to it all this week.

I have been to a few great auctions…

I have been to an amazing 1920s lawn party at a beautiful mansion.

And we have been doing a lot of work on Rosie!  We have stripped half of her paint. I learned to repack wheel bearings, how to clean drums, and to take apart and put back together all of the stuff associated with wheels and brakes and axles and such.

Tomorrow the pop quiz will return.  And for now… here are a few photos from the wheel sessions and the stripping.


Here is me with a grease packed wheel bearing. Rosie’s new tires are behind me.


Inserting the bearing into the… hub? The drum? I learned what these things do, but hell if I can recall what they are called.


I am putting the brake assembly thingamajig back on the axle here.


We are sanding her entirely by hand. It is honestly no fun. But she will be so smoooth and ready for a new coat of paint soon!


This back layer of the diamond quilt aluminum was the most challenging so far. About a zillion layers of paint.

Anyway… stay tuned!  I will try and post lots more this week – I have some really fun pics from the lawn party.