Afflicted with the fleaver…

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Hello Retronauts,

Today I thought I’d share a letter from the mailbag!


Dear Dr. Retromat,

I have been gripped by a mysterious fleaver and I can’t seem to shake it!  Can you prescribe a cure!?!?

Yours truly,

Miss Terious


Dear Miss Terious,

The best medicine for those gripped by fleaver? A weekend of yard sales, Todd Farm Flea, and the Vintage Baazar ought to take care of it.  Repeat often – and bring your physician along to monitor your condition.

You’re Welcome ,

Dr. Retromat


And now you may ask, faithful readers, did Miss Terious follow her Doctor’s advice?  The answer is YES.

And not only did we have a spectacular flea-kend where I scored the following finds:


Go on a picnic, take your cake along as well as your rye and scotch. Play some badminton while you are at it, and if that is not to your liking, there is always canasta. Or, um, stretch your shoes. Two pair!

But the young miss managed to cure her ailment by making a very interesting purchase.  Behold!  The 7 Somethings!


What the hell is in there? And who is this being of blinding light?

I can’t really reveal more right now… My patient is in a very delicate state.  But let us just say that I think Miss T. has more than fleaver up her sleever.  I can’t believe her!


And on that note… I am off to clean more out of the camper.  Ciao ciao.



  1. She must have it bad!!