Another Monday Evening Pop Quiz + I show off my mad skilz.

Wow, Professor Retromat is running night school apparently.  Here I am with your Monday morning pop quiz… at 7pm.

Last week’s pop quiz was a little tough on some of the Retronauts.  Some of you *cough*Amy*cough*  even got a little uppity and demanded hints.

So this week, I’ll throw out a photo that I find more interesting than difficult.  This is another lady that made quite a transformation, I think.

Without further delay… pencils ready… and… go:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.56.28 AM


While you are pondering this bathing beauty, I will be pondering some secret awesome stuff that is in the works (fingers crossed!)  I will also be hoping that Rosie’s new shoes are done soon!

Her old tires were very worn, so we replaced them.  When we pulled her wheels off, we discovered that our little camper used to have functioning brakes, but someone disabled the wiring (read: cut and shoved under the frame.)  Her new tires are on and her new brakes, hubs & wiring will soon be updated as well – once we find the parts, harder to do for older campers.  But we’ll find them.  “I got a guy.”  – that is what the camper man told me.  I like it when they got a guy.

Anyway – once Rosie’s shoes are on and her brakes are working we are taking her to have the old flaking paint blasted off!  Whee!

I will leave you with my AMAZING rendition of what Rosie will look like once we _repaint_ her.  I have mad mad mad Photoshop skills, people.  This kind of stuff takes talent.



  1. Anonymous says:

    That would be Shirley Schrift, aka Shelley Winters!

  2. Wow! I wasn’t sure who that was. But if it is Shelley Winters…just, wow! And your Photoshop are definitely to be envied ;)

  3. Well I am glad someone else got it before I had to come along and be “difficult” and demand more hints!