Rosie – Interior Update Pics and Her New Home

So, Rosie is getting some new digs.  I think she is excited.  I know I am!

Before you ask… No.  It is not a barn.  I want a barn. I wish we had a barn. I dream of a barn.  But no… not a barn.
But we do have a new driveway and it is about time.

This is before:


Yecchh. That weed infested dirt area is where Rosie was living before. It is looking really ratty.

This is after:


So. Much. Better. Buh bye weed gravel. Hello real grownup people driveway.

 Right now Rosie is living on the back patio until the driveway cures.


She looks cute.  She’ll look even better with a new paint job.

And how is she doing on the inside?  Well, I cleared the bunks out and now she looks great!  Take a peek in… hey.. wait!?  Is that a phone bench?  A card table? Chairs? A rolly cart? Who put all of that stuff in there?IMG_1163 IMG_1167











Oh right.  Me.  Because this what happens when I don’t have a barn.  I rip the guts out of the trailer, I spend the next three days hunting down some amazing treasures, and then I have nowhere to store my cool stuff other than in my trailer.  Because my garage, house, and both porches are ALREADY full of cool old 1950s tables (4 of them) and fun chairs (at least 8 of them), cabinet radios, typewriters,  a big old toboggan, vintage washing machines (only one of those) and ::sigh:: lots of other awesome stuff that would love to live in a barn.

Sorry, everyone.  I will do my best to clear her out when it is not 2000 degrees outside and you really will get some nice interior shots.


By the way, how cute is that phone bench?  I can’t wait to clean it up and recover it.



Rosie Updates & Mystery Model Reveal.

Hey kids,

So, I finally got around to pulling the guts out of Rosie.  Wow, that sounds disgusting if you have no idea what I am talking about.  So to clear up any misunderstandings that might lead one to think I am gutting the living… Rosie is our 1960s canned ham camper and I was just tearing out some really ugly bunk beds and shelving.

I started the process armed with my cordless drill.  The plan was that I would unscrew the offending bunks and shelves, take them apart and remove them.  Easy, right?  One person job.  But noooo.  Whoever built those stupid bunks managed to strip the head of every other screw making it impossible to unscrew them all. So, it was on to plan B.  I got out the reciprocating saw – thinking I’d saw through the screws that were stripped -and it was dead. Aggggh. Then my cordless drill battery died on me. Not a problem, I was not beaten yet!  I hauled out the big extension cord and went to the electric drill – but there were so many stripped screws that it was just useless.  So, I went old school.

I decided to manually saw through about a million 2x4s. No power tools, no nothing.  Just me and that saw VS. the lumber monster.  Stephen told me I was nuts and impatient and reminded me that if I waited a day he would 1) Be able to help me and 2) Get the reciprocating saw working. Pffft -Whatever, Mister reason. Can’t you see I am totally into tearing this camper apart like she-hulk? He walked away shaking his head.  I tore the trailer up – with my BARE HANDS!  At the end I was dirty and covered in sawdust and my arms hurt like hell. It was awesome.  After I loaded the debris into truck Stephen very kindly hauled it away to the dump. I think he was still shaking his head as he drove off.  :)

Of course… it occurs to me now that I took NOT ONE PHOTO during this process.  I was in such a demo frenzy that it slipped my mind.  So, take my word for it, it was nuts, but worth it!  Here is what it looked like before:


The Top Bunk. Mmmm, old smelly mattress. And check out that fancy ladder.


These are the “shelves” I have no idea what they were thinking.

Interior Shot of Vintage Camper - before

That fabric was not even wrapped around the cushions. They laid it over foam and stapled it down along the top edge willy nilly. And then in the back the fabric was stapled right to the wall. Classy.













I’ll show you some after pics tomorrow.  I have a few more things I want to clean up in there first.  Then we can start debating how on earth to finish the inside and talk about her exterior paint! I have some big ideas on both fronts.


Now on to the pop quiz results!  Yes, Holly, it IS Martha Stewart!

She worked as a model when she was in college.  Apparently it was so expensive living in NYC that she took on modeling work to get through. Here are a few other awesome shots from her early days.  Diggin’ that hair, Martha!

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