Oh hey, feel like a pop quiz?

Hi readers!

Readers?  Hellooooo?


Oh, right. I suppose I have been gone rather a long time and I did promise to come back at the start of the summer. Well, I can’t say much other than I’ve been caught up in moving back from Hungary and getting a second dog and you know, just, uh, not blogging for no good reason at all. The thing is, I rather like writing it when I make the effort. So, I refreshed the look, and I’ll do my best from this point on. Enough said! Let’s get to the quiz!

I had an idea earlier today and I am not sure if it is gonna work well or be a total flop.  But, I was thinking that there are quite a few stars who were not only famous for their acting, but were known for their hair.  Right?  I think I am right… right?

So for today’s quiz I am going to show you photos of famous hair! That sounds sort of creepy.

Anyway you are going to tell me who the hair belongs to. :)  Easy, right?

I thought it would be really simple, but then I tried a few test pics on an innocent bystander and it is apparently really hard.  We shall see.

So, remember, don’t scroll down and look at anyone else’s answers if you want to make a guess. Try not to use google image search like a big ol’ cheater because, come on, this quiz is not important enough for that.

Guess in the comments section.  If no one gets it, I will give you some hints tomorrow.  Here we go!  (Wow, are these creepy?  I think the hair without the faces looks sort of creepy.)



Hair # 1



Hair #2



Hair #3



Hair #4



Hair #5



Hair #6


Ok, well, get to guessing and in the meantime, I have dresses to photograph!

Good luck :)


  1. Okay, just so I won’t obsess over this all night: #1: Jayne Mansfield, #2: Audrey Hepburn, #3: Elizabeth Taylor, #4: Lauren Bacall, #5: Rita Hayworth, #6: Joan Crawford.

  2. Maggie says:

    This is really hard!
    #1 Marilyn? #4 Veronica Lake , #5 Rita Hayworth, #6 Vivian Leigh. #2 & #3 I am at a loss!!

  3. Laurel T says:

    So yeah! You guys got it all right between you both :) I’ll post the real pics later today! #1: Jayne Mansfield, #2: Audrey Hepburn, #3: Elizabeth Taylor, #4: Veronica Lake, #5: Rita Hayworth, #6: Vivian Leigh.