Back to School – The triumphant return of the Pop Quiz!

Well, gosh, not even one full month has passed since my last post where I promised to post more!  Ahem.  So… where were we?  Oh yes, I was going to blog weekly and that nearly happened…

For the record, I am hereby claiming that I had end of summer vacation fever which prevented me from approaching the computer  – and let us just leave it at that, shall we? Good.

Now that summer vacation is over it is back to school for you readers and what is better to start with than a good ol’ fashioned pop quiz? (Also, I know summer is not technically over but that does not fit with my post so I am ignoring that.  Please do the same.)

Dust off your thinking caps and get ready.  I assume you all recall how this works.  You just view the photo, and post your best guess below in the comments. No peeking down before you guess, NO going to google images and letting it tell you who this is,  and feel free to share any thoughts that the photo brings to mind.   He is pretty cute with all that wavy hair –  those were my first thoughts. Also, groovy shirt!

You get extra credit for knowing something else about the fellow in this photo.  And those of you who will know it don’t need me to tell you what that is.  How cryptic!!!

Without further ado here is your photo:

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 8.42.41 PM










And while you are busy contemplating this fellow, I will be working on the rest of the posts for this week.  I have photos of the nearly finished Rosie the Camper who made her first Vintage Fair debut.  I STILL owe you photos from the Roaring 20s Lawn Party at the Crane Estate.  I want to share thoughts on the experience of selling at the Vintage at Victoria Inn show from this past weekend.  I also want to show you what will be coming up at our sale in a few weeks at the Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury MA.  AND I have a new feature to share.  It will be called Two Ways to Wear It.  Have I mentioned that one before?  I have been thinking about it for a long while.  Essentially I’ll take a vintage item and show you at least two different ways to style it.  So, stay tuned, I am going to do my best to get all of that information out to you this week!

Happy Quizzing!

Wow, busy busy busy!

So Readers, there is so much to share and I will get to it all this week.

I have been to a few great auctions…

I have been to an amazing 1920s lawn party at a beautiful mansion.

And we have been doing a lot of work on Rosie!  We have stripped half of her paint. I learned to repack wheel bearings, how to clean drums, and to take apart and put back together all of the stuff associated with wheels and brakes and axles and such.

Tomorrow the pop quiz will return.  And for now… here are a few photos from the wheel sessions and the stripping.


Here is me with a grease packed wheel bearing. Rosie’s new tires are behind me.


Inserting the bearing into the… hub? The drum? I learned what these things do, but hell if I can recall what they are called.


I am putting the brake assembly thingamajig back on the axle here.


We are sanding her entirely by hand. It is honestly no fun. But she will be so smoooth and ready for a new coat of paint soon!


This back layer of the diamond quilt aluminum was the most challenging so far. About a zillion layers of paint.

Anyway… stay tuned!  I will try and post lots more this week – I have some really fun pics from the lawn party.

Pop Quiz Results, Tuesday July 16th.

And once again, first guesser gets it!  The bathing beauty is indeed Shelley Winters.

Shelley Winters was born in East Saint Louis, IL, in 1922 and in her career she made over 100 films and starred in countless TV shows.

Growing up in the 70s, she was most familiar to me as a character actress from the Poseidon Adventure &  Match Game on TV.

I knew Shelly Winters as a big, bawdy, comedienne who was a little rough around the edges and did not take guff from anyone.

It was not until I saw her in A Place in the Sun that I began to be curious about her earlier career.  And then Night of the Hunter came into my life and again she was so different.

Alfie, Diary of Anne Frank, Lolita, and even the Roger Corman flick Bloody Mama are just some of her great films.

I’ll leave you with some parting shots of our Mystery Gal:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.36.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.55.15 PM

Poseidon Adventure – 1972


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.52.25 PM

Alfie – 1966

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.58.26 PM

A Place in the Sun – 1951

Another Monday Evening Pop Quiz + I show off my mad skilz.

Wow, Professor Retromat is running night school apparently.  Here I am with your Monday morning pop quiz… at 7pm.

Last week’s pop quiz was a little tough on some of the Retronauts.  Some of you *cough*Amy*cough*  even got a little uppity and demanded hints.

So this week, I’ll throw out a photo that I find more interesting than difficult.  This is another lady that made quite a transformation, I think.

Without further delay… pencils ready… and… go:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.56.28 AM


While you are pondering this bathing beauty, I will be pondering some secret awesome stuff that is in the works (fingers crossed!)  I will also be hoping that Rosie’s new shoes are done soon!

Her old tires were very worn, so we replaced them.  When we pulled her wheels off, we discovered that our little camper used to have functioning brakes, but someone disabled the wiring (read: cut and shoved under the frame.)  Her new tires are on and her new brakes, hubs & wiring will soon be updated as well – once we find the parts, harder to do for older campers.  But we’ll find them.  “I got a guy.”  – that is what the camper man told me.  I like it when they got a guy.

Anyway – once Rosie’s shoes are on and her brakes are working we are taking her to have the old flaking paint blasted off!  Whee!

I will leave you with my AMAZING rendition of what Rosie will look like once we _repaint_ her.  I have mad mad mad Photoshop skills, people.  This kind of stuff takes talent.