Pop Quiz – Happy Birthday to Edith.

Readers, I really have not had the time to regularly write my blog due due to real life vintage shows. However, I do have time to celebrate the 116th birthday of Edith Head, a designer who created some of the most amazing film costumes ever.

When I was young and would watch films with my mother (which was nearly every day) she would always pay close attention to the opening credits and then turn to me and say “Just remember, If you see Edith Head as the costume designer it will always be a good movie…”  This was the kind of priceless knowledge passed down in my family.

And frankly, I still check every time.  And it is always true.

So for today’s quiz… I am going to give you four sketches from Edith.  Tell me the actor and the film that each sketch is for!  Bonus if you know the scene from the movie.

Ready?  Go!


EdithOne EdithFour EdithThree EdithTwo




  1. Number 1: All About Eve, Bette Davis. That dress is to die for!!!
    Number 2: This one was tough, I am going to go out on a limb…and say The Sting? Robert Redford, or Paul Newman (obviously!)
    Number 3: Grace Kelly…To Catch a Thief??
    Number 4: definitely Elizabeth Taylor…but again, I am not exactly sure which movie, so A Place in the Sun???

    Am I close??

  2. Geri says:

    1. Bette Davis- All about Eve; 2. Maybe Michael Caine or Sean Connery – The man who would be king (?); 3. Grace Kelly – To catch a thief; 4. Elizabeth Taylor – A place in the sun. Also, pretty sure that this would be Edith’s 116th not her 120th BD (pretty sure she wouldn’t want years added prematurely if given the choice!)

  3. Laurel T says:

    Very good, both of you! Geri got the second one right and you both got all of the rest! I’ll fix the birthday, Geri… I feel so badly giving her those few extra years :)