Pop Quiz Results, Tuesday July 16th.

And once again, first guesser gets it!  The bathing beauty is indeed Shelley Winters.

Shelley Winters was born in East Saint Louis, IL, in 1922 and in her career she made over 100 films and starred in countless TV shows.

Growing up in the 70s, she was most familiar to me as a character actress from the Poseidon Adventure &  Match Game on TV.

I knew Shelly Winters as a big, bawdy, comedienne who was a little rough around the edges and did not take guff from anyone.

It was not until I saw her in A Place in the Sun that I began to be curious about her earlier career.  And then Night of the Hunter came into my life and again she was so different.

Alfie, Diary of Anne Frank, Lolita, and even the Roger Corman flick Bloody Mama are just some of her great films.

I’ll leave you with some parting shots of our Mystery Gal:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.36.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.55.15 PM

Poseidon Adventure – 1972


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.52.25 PM

Alfie – 1966

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.58.26 PM

A Place in the Sun – 1951