So? Who is she? Pop quiz answer!

Once again our first responder was correct!  Yes, Maggie, the 80s blonde in the shiny dress was none other than our darling Dita. Or, as Marc pointed out, Heather Sweet. Extra credit points to Marc for that!


Yeah, Dita and I hang out in London together all the time.

So, I am thinking that for next week’s pop quiz, I might have a little prize for a correct answer. I ran next weeks photo by a few folks and no one knew who she was. Would that be something people would like?  Do enough of you actually comment on blogs or do you just like to lurk? (Not sure why I asked that since the lurkers won’t answer anyway.)

I’ll think on this – try and find a fun giveaway and I will come up with the best way to run the quiz. I am open to suggestions for choosing a winner.  Until then I’ll be in my dining room taking photos of stuff. It looks crazy in there, people! But I am getting some nice shots of the new inventory. I swear to Dita there will be an Etsy update this week.

DSC_0629 DSC_0666 DSC_0697 DSC_0713