What to do, what to do…

Help me, readers.  I have this really cute phone bench to sell at my next vintage market and I can’t tell if I ought to try and recover the seat … or just leave it?

Here it is…






You can see where I at least removed the really scary yellow plastic that someone had covered it in.  The original blue knit fabric is intact, but has serious issues around the edges.  It is very discolored and fragile.



I have some fabric lying around that could be really cute… (click the pic for a bigger view)


SO, cover it? And if so, with which one?

Also… I will not paint it.  Don’t even suggest that, please.  There are painters of wood, and non-painters of wood.  I fall into the second category on this bench.  I totally get the bright white, turquoise, mint green, paint the old wood thing – with certain pieces.  But not every stick of vintage furniture needs to be made bright, shiny, chic, or shabby.  This bench is staying natural. At least while I have it. :)

Anyway, give me your thoughts on this one… I just cant make up my mind!


  1. I say don’t cover it. I like the fabrics you have, they are all great, but they might be the reason for someone to NOT buy it, maybe doesn’t match their aesthetic, or couch, or their vast collection of painted vintage furniture ;). I say don’t waste the time (and cost of the fabric) on covering the seat, when I personally think it is a much better idea to leave it as it, and have the new owner cover it. But maybe I am just a DIY-er at heart!

    • Laurel T says:

      That was my first thought too… what if someone hates the fabric? Maybe I can have the fabric on-hand at the show and if someone likes the bench they can buy the fabric too… ?

  2. Jennifer says:

    If you have the time then I would recover it and be able to demand a higher price. Personally I like the second fabric, the pink one, but I think the last one is more neutral and would appeal to more people.